Meet the Team

Brandon Bishop, Programmer
BrandonBrandon Bishop serves as a programmer and creative lead for In Absentia. His attention to detail and ability to see the big picture helps keep the team organized and focused on accomplishing tasks. And as one of the programmers, he makes pretty stuff happen on screen. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Simulation & Digital Entertainment at the University of Baltimore with the goal of breaking into the game industry. Before coming to UB, he completed three Associates Degrees at Hagerstown Community College – Simulation & Digital Entertainment, Computer Science, and Mathematics. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, writing, sports, music, and playing video games. He’s also friends with a Creeper.
Brandon’s portfolio will be online at a later date.
Max Cameron, Level Designer & Programmer
Max Cameron
Max Cameron is a Level Designer and programmer on In Absentia.  He is currently seeking his Bachelors degree in Simulation and Digital Entertainment at University of Baltimore.  He also has earned an Associates degree in Game Design and Simulation at Montgomery College.   He has also worked as a Quality Assurance tester on several games at Bethesda Softworks.  In his free time, Max enjoys video gaming, singing, Tabletop gaming (as both a player and a game master), board gaming, and collaborating with his friends on webcomics.  He hopes that his time spent game mastering will help with the level design for this project.
Max’s portfolio will be online at a later date.
Michael Goodrich, Lead Artist

Michael Goodrich is a student at the University of Baltimore, and holds Associates Degrees in Graphic Design as well as Simulation and Digital Entertainment from Hagerstown Community College. He has been an artist and gamer all his life, and has worked as an artist on several game design projects. Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketchbook pro are his programs of choice, though he is also proficient with Flash, 3DS Max, and Zbrush.  Preferred game genres are strategy and action, especially games that provide a fair challenge.

Michael’s portfolio can seen here:

Chris Robinson, Writer & Media Producer

Chris Robinson is the Writer and Media Producer behind In Absentia. Being the lone hipster in the group, Chris writes a bunch of crazy stories and makes pretty presentations. Chris also has the task of supervising what other team members are into so that the project stays organized. Chris is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Simulation & Digital Entertainment. He recently obtained an Associate’s Degree in the same major as well. When Chris isn’t working on In Absentia, he’s trolling people, working a boring job, and playing games that allow him to destroy everything in his path.

“When in doubt, NOPE it out.” – Chris

Chris’ portfolio will be online at a later date.

Justin Weese, Artist

weeseesJustin Weese is one of the artists in the In Absentia team.  His main focus for game design includes creating new and interesting concepts as well as visualizing the world they will take place in, which is one of tasks he will complete for this project. Today, Justin is a senior at the University of Baltimore pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Simulation and Digital Entertainment. During his time there, he has helped to create games like Control Spark and Do Sketches Dream of Love. He looks forward to seeing In Absentia (and the many other projects) come to completion within the days to come.

Justin’s portfolio can be seen here:


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In Absentia – University of Baltimore Capstone Project