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In Absentia Capstone Build & Trailer Released!

Hello everyone!

We have just finished our capstone presentation at the University of Baltimore, which means our demo for In Absentia is now online!

You can download the capstone build that we showcased here:

Thanks to everyone who came out, and we appreciate all of the positive comments and feedback that everyone has given us. We had a blast making In Absentia and are seriously considering taking it further in the future! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the demo!

Additionally, you can view the trailer from our presentation below! Enjoy.


Welcome to the official In Absentia website!

Good evening, everyone!

Welcome to the launch of the official In Absentia website! In Absentia is a physics-based 2D platformer built off the concept of the player switching between light and heavy gravity to solve puzzles. In Absentia has been in development since Fall of last year for the University of Baltimore’s SDE capstone class. On the upper right side of this page, we have two pages. One page is for a download and information about our current build of the game. The “Meet the Team” page showcases each member of the In Absentia team.

On Tuesday (5/13/14), we plan on releasing our final capstone version of the game. We’ll make sure to make another post to inform everyone that the build is online!

Thank you for visiting our page!